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Residents of the Bay Area did not know when the ground shook violently on 18 April 1906 that they were living on one of the Earth's dynamic plate boundaries, but they should have known from past experience the perils of building on landfill. The quake predictably liquefied buried creeks and marshes, initiating the fires that razed over half of built San Francisco and proving once again that civilization is a tenuous conceit built upon pipes and wires. The clearance of rubble after the disaster laid the groundwork for an encore calamity by creating yet more landfill, but the new bayside middens also provided a rich field of potential activity for archaeologists of the future.

The Centenary Celebration of the Archaelogical Institute of America-San Francisco: 100 Years and Still Going Strong!

Cosponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America-San Francisco.

Post-lecture private reception by invitation only. Private reception to follow lecture for members of the Ancient Art Council, Archaeological Instiute of America-San Francisco, and California Classical Association-North. Invitations sent to AAC, AIA-SF, and CCA-N members. $5 per person ($10 at the door) on a space-available basis. Reception pre-booking will guarantee a reserved seat for the lecture.

About Programs at the Ancient Art Council

Programs are varied and include such activities as lectures by noted archaeologists, museum curators, and ancient art historians; exclusive tours of the Museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions; fund-raising events; and travel programs to ancient sites and other museums. Members also receive invitations from related organizations to attend lectures ad exhibition openings. Your annual membership dues and contributions will assist in furthering the Ancient Art collection at the Fine Arts Museums.


November 12, 2006 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Rubble with a Cause: The 1906 Quake and Fire as a Source of Artifacts for Future Digs

Koret Auditorium, de Young


Presented by Dr. Gray Brechin Historical Geographer and Author of Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power,


Lecture free to the public

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