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Have you considered how a Roman artist went about decorating a wall? While the painted walls of Pompeian houses are famous for the iconography that comprises them, they also offer an opportunity to examine the materials with which they were made. This talk provides an introduction to the pigments that the Romans had available and also examines the market economy for artists’ materials in order to provide insight into the choices that Pompeiian artists and patrons negotiated when purchasing pigments.

The Ancient Art Council programs for the exhibition Last Supper in Pompeii are supported by Elizabeth D. Moyer, Ph.D., and Michael C. Powanda, Ph.D.

About Programs at the Ancient Art Council

Programs are varied and include such activities as lectures by noted archaeologists, museum curators, and ancient art historians; exclusive tours of the Museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions; fund-raising events; and travel programs to ancient sites and other museums. Members also receive invitations from related organizations to attend lectures ad exhibition openings. Your annual membership dues and contributions will assist in furthering the Ancient Art collection at the Fine Arts Museums.


June 12, 2021 at 2:00 PM - 3:30 pm (PDT)

Painting Pompeii: pigments, prices, and painterly practice

This lecture will be live streamed on Zoom. An e-confirmation with a Zoom link will be sent to registered participants.

Presented by Dr. Hilary Becker Assistant Professor, Middle Eastern and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Binghamton University


This program is free and open to the public; registration is required.

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