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Although the Ancient Art collection is relatively small, it contains a number of rare works of high quality and importance that form the basis of an introduction to the art of the ancient Mediterranean from Egypt, to the Near East, Greece, and Rome. They provide, in a coherent, aesthetically pleasing manner, splendid examples of the art of early civilizations. The ancient art holding also lays the foundation for the understanding of Western art and the procession of cultures through the ages.

The ancient art objects on view at the Legion feature a wide gamut of sculpture, statues, figurines, vessels, vases, jewelry, and carved reliefs, made of diverse materials, such as marble and other stones, bronze, gold, terracotta, wood, and glass.


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The Saga of Queen Zenobia and the Oasis City of Palmyra


A New Look at Ancient Nubia: Magic and Mystery on the Nile


On the Road from Persepolis


Deciphering Demons: Underworld Figures in Egypt and Etruria

Thank you for helping us acquire our first Egyptian royal portrait—a carved limestone relief of Ptolemy I Soter

Ancient Art Council supports Antiquities at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.



Last Supper in Pompeii: From the Table to the Grave

This exhibition reveals how, before Mount Vesuvius blew up in AD 79 and rocked the Bay of Naples, people in Pompeii and nearby farms and villages were engaged in typical daily activities, many of which revolved around food and drink.

May 7, 2021 - August 29, 2021